Saturday, May 29, 2010

dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today - James Dean

Emma Watson

one of my favourites!!! xx whitney

Lauren Conrad

whit here, Lauren Conrad got her fame from the show The Hills. Although she's left the show everyone still wants a piece of her! She has her own books - read them - they're really good! And her fashion style never fails. She looks good in blues and the nude colours. She has her own fashion line called - Lauren Conrad - check out her collection xx

Miranda Kerr

Proud To Call Her Aussie xx whitney

thanks for supporting our blog. just wanted to show our appreciation. love you all xx whitney & bella

aggyy deyn

Amanda Seyfried

one word. beautiful. xx whitney

Emma Roberts

whit here
emma roberts is another fav. of mine. She always rocks the casual look but is a bit more girly when it comes to the red carpet. her hairdos are amazing and they match the dresses and her style. xx

Whitney Port

whitney here,
posting about a girl that shares the same name as me. Whitney Port. She recently left the hit show The Hills and now has her own show called The City which is based on her life which revolves around fashion, friends, family etc. She has a very casual look but when she dresses up she doesn't bulk up the accessories she goes simple. keep that in mind xx

Alexa Chung

whitney here,
alexa chung is one of my favourite fashionistas! She looks fabulous in about anything! She has her own show called : It's on with Alexa Chung. Her look is casual but it has this preppy feel to it. check out her collection & her website! xx

all photos on this blog belong to the person who took them. the edited copies belong to us - which is why they have our tag at the bottom. please respect that. xx whitney & bella

Katy Perry

whit here, love this girl :D she has the cutest sense of style. and she's pretty beautiful!

Blake Lively

whitney here again lol,
i love posting about my favourite fashionistas. here's another one. Blake Lively. Gorgeous, sexy, funny, beautiful, amazing. She features as Serena Van Derwoodsen in the hit tv show Gossip Girl. She's filming the 4th Season at the moment. Check it out. The fashion in that show is KILLER! xx

Lindsay Lohan

whitney here,
i'm posting some of my favourite fashion inspiration. here's lindsay lohan - she may not be the best role model but shes definetly beautiful. And mean girls is one of my FAV movies ever! xx

Lady Gaga

whitney here,
she's kinda weird; but kinda beautiful (in her own weird crazy gagaish kinda way) here's some awesome pics of Lady Gaga that i edited . xx

Abbey Lee Kershaw

whit here, for one of the most inspirational and most beautiful models EVER. Abbey Lee Kershaw :D shes so amazing. and shes very successful! vogue loves her<3  xoxo