Tuesday, March 30, 2010

whitney here lovelys,
alexander wang's leopard mule heel/wedge is back in stock.
not that i can afford it
but it's nice to look at. and hope:)
whitney here,
i was bored while watching greys anatomy last night, and i decided to let my creative side flow. I got an old t-shirt (light grey) and cut a love-heart in it. Then i put a dark grey singlet underneath (bonds) that i had underneath. It looks really good (if i do say so myself)
it was my sisters t-shirt (but she was throwing it out anyway)
it's a good way to re-use old clothes! i now have made use of something (that i would have NEVER had worn before)
Let your crreativee side flowwww:P


Garden Party

Whitney Here,
the theme 'garden party' has alot of meaning. some people get confused and think; ok well i have to wear floarl dresses and items that have prints on it. Actually you don't. Im gonna show you what my idea of 'garden party' is. I think i might have it as the theme for my birthday party this year!
my idea of Garden Party is:

                                                         layers of pearls
cute skirt with a plain singlet, layered necklaces, cute ballet flats
or coloured ankle boots

flower broaches

pink cardigan with singlet and skirt

your my special little lady,
the one that makes me crazy

Chanel's new makeup range!!

Hey its Bella

Boy am i enjoying the holidays!!!!! Shopping and taking photos and reading and sleeping and eating:P:P
This new makeup collection looks amazing! I can guarantee I won't be able to afford it but I will definitely try to copy it!


Alice In Wonderland

whitney here
alice in wonderland was soo good
i loved it more than i expected
and the outfits were so amazing
here's a little tribute
to the AWESOME movie

chanel has a new range of nail varnish

Shopping Again

Hello Lovely Ladies
It's Whitney Here,
Shoutout to ALL our mexican supporters:)
Anway, today i went and saw Alice in Wonderland - post more later.
I also went shopping and bought the COOLEST hat ever:)
It's a gangsta' hat - and it is covered in graffiti on the front.
Only $10.00
I also bought a new ring. I've been wanting one for ages.
It's just a plain silver band. It just reminds me to stay who i am.Be Whitney.
It's simple, but pleasent. Thats what i want to be:)


my new hat:):):)

my fav. pair of shoes
my new bag:)
i wore a navy blue poncho with tights and a scarf:)
and my new bad:):)

Monday, March 29, 2010

shoutout to our friends
Angeliq & Danielle
who own
Looks Lab & Make Up (blog)
check it out
they're hot<3
blogging is addictive
some photos that make me smile:)