About Us: Chantalle Rose

Hey Everyone,

Our names are Bella & Whitney.
Here's a little something about us...
We live in Melbourne, Australia.

We are two best friends who met in the same class in Year 8.
We both realised that since our dream was to be fashion designers, why not make it come true and start our own buisness. So we came up with Chantalle Rose Designs. Whitney's middle name: Chantalle Bella's middle name: Rose
That's how it came about. We both hope to become a part of the fashion industry. We already sketch and draw our own designs and we also make dresses.
When we finish school we want to travel around the world together and visit all the famous cities who are known for their Fashion and Culture.
We try to balance our school work and posting. We post something almost every night unless we are very busy!

This blog is filled with everything fashion & photography. Everything that we love and things that inspire us go on this blog.
Our heart and soul go into these posts and we hope you enjoy everything.

We hope you enjoy this blog.

We love you all!

-Bella & Whitney

+Do you have questions?+What do you think of the blog?+anything else?
email us: