Friday, April 30, 2010


Hey it's Bella,

I GOT A TWITTER FINALLY! it is     and whitneys is


i made this; hope u like it
xoxo whitney

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hey it's Bella,

Found this gorgeous up and coming  label Leifsdottir. Couldn't post the photos from their latest line so take a look at their site:

Just beautiful!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it is a sad day today...

Hey it's Bella,

Home from school today after receiving some tragic news about a teacher from our school who is dying. My prayers go out to her family who must be going through an awful time right now and also for our teacher that she goes peacefully. She didn't teach me personally but I know how much of a beautiful person she was and on behalf of our school I would like to thank for what she has done for so many students.

Thankyou Mrs Samson,

Bella & Whitney

My Room

whit here :D just thought i'd post some pictures of my room! it's crazy with posters - and i write on my walls as well! They're are posters :D (hehe justin XD) and all these cute random fashion ads that i've found. Love you guys. Keep Following us! xoxo

i made these. they're gonna be up for sale. email : if u want some!

this is my make-up desk. BAHA its a mess : D

Monday, April 26, 2010


WHITNEY HERE, omg me & bella's all time fav singer (aka hottest boy ever) justin bieber performed on sunrise. i can officially say that i have bieber fever. me & bella were on the fone at 6AM! we spoke for 2 hours & 53 minutes. I cried (concert was cancelled) I Screamed (he was performing inside) & Cried .. again (when he came on)
It was so much fun & i'm so proud of him! We aussie girls went a bit crazy. So i decided to trash my shoes with the coolest Justin Bieber lyrics & songtitles out there! And they def. are trashed. But they look awesome. Love youh all. ME & BELLA HAVE BIEBER FEVER

(sorry there's heaps of photos!)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The amazing Cecilia Cassini

Bella here,

Was checking out some videos on the Sunrise website (morning news show:P) and I found an interview with 10 yr old FASHION DESIGNER Cecilia Cassini! Amazing! Me and Whit thought WE were young to be pursuing our fashion dream but here's a girl 4 years younger and she's actually living hers! The clothes she designs are for a younger age group but they are just gorgeous and I would buy some if they had my size! I couldn't get the photos of her dresses off  her site so I really do recommend you check out her website even if you are over 10 years old:P You won't be disappointed!


Sergio Rossi heels:)

Bella here,




Hey it's Bella here!!!

Enjoying the long weekend here in Australia and also loving all the Justin Bieber news here since he landed in Sydney! Getting up real early tomorrow to watch Justin's concert on TV! Unfortunately me and Whit aren't going to get the chance to meet him but there's always next time:P

Look at this amazing lipstick range from Doe Deere from the label Lime Crime! The collection is called Candyfuture and though they are just a bit loud for my liking and the packaging is kinda corny, the colours are AMAZING, the lipstick is long-lasting and they are astoundingly cheap!


some fotos :P

whitnnayyyy here :D
today i found these random pictures. I thought they were awesome. I'm going out now & probz won't post for the rest of the night. Sorry. But ; just thought i'd let u know that me & bella's favourite singer in the whole entire world justin bieberwill be on tv tomorrow. He arrived Yesterday & is performing on Sunrise tomorrow. That means me & bella will have to wake up at 6am :D haha all worth it for the hottest boy in town (according to us) he has nothing to do with fashion; & i don't know why i'm telling u this. probz cause i couldn't find anything 2 post. lol. Have a good Sunday night. love you all xoxo

here's the boy we love; for your own knowledge :D

me & bella made this :D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chantalle Rose

my new obsession. yes. it's valentino xoxo whit


whit here, what do you think about this one? mini white one. i really like this one. think i'm gonna make it into a brooch. xoxo

Flowery Day

hello lovelys it's whitney,
just made these flowers out of ribbon. will be selling them & many more (including bows headbands etc.) let me know if you want any. prices and ways of buying them will be up soon! They are part of a new accesories collection for Chantalle Rose. the name will be released soon :D hehe i'm excited. love you all.

we all need somebody to lean on

Friday, April 23, 2010

it's burberry
april showers
xoxo whitney


hello girlys (& guys),  it's whitney
& as you should know, if you've been reading our blog, bella & i have been making a dress for our sewing class and school. And here's mine. Salmon Pink in colour; and all ready for a tea party :D
Actually, that will be the theme of the next photoshoot that bella & i will be doing to showcase Chantalle Rose.  So there's something to look forward too. Hope you like my dress. I'm really proud of it, and to be able to wear it and say 'yeah i made that' is fantastic. You should try making a dress too. It's actually really easy and SO much fun. Hope you like it. xoxo