Friday, February 5, 2010

Lauren Conrad

Whitney Here,

Hey Everyone..well i've been reading Lauren Conrad's book Sweet Little Lies. I finished L.A Candy, and its a really good book. I'm enjoying it SO much:) And i used to me SO obsessed with the hills, until Lauren left. But i still watch the old episodes ... because i love it so much:) I've always known that she was beautiful, but i have forgotten to post about her. Well finally the post is here, dedicated to the gorgeous Lauren Conrad. Who has a job at Teen Vogue. I'm so jealous. I wish that was me:)

I love her fashion sense, and her collection (from her own label called Lauren Conrad)
She's so beautiful...she deserves a round of applause:) for being FABULOUS

Love you all

she's beautiful. i love her:)

cheers to her:):)

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