Sunday, March 28, 2010

La Faya Festival 2010

Whitney Here,

Today I went to the La Faya Festival 2010 at Fed. Square
La Faya is a Mauritian/Rodrigues/& Seychelles Festival.
Filled with traditional music, food and entertainment.
I had an amazing time: everyone was dancing and singing
saw a few old friends there, and some really hot boys:)
and I danced, so my feet are killing me:)
The Bands & The Music was soo good. I had an amazing time
The Islander Music was amazinggg:P
I took some photos when I was walking around
Had an AMAZING time. Can't wait till' next year!


                                                      beer bottles in a deserted shop

the food was amazing
some graffiti in a deserted building on flinders st.
a scooter parked near a gelato shop:)
i made the photo look old:)
an old poster advertising a concert
it looked really cool!
some ornaments in a shop window.
they were like $8000 dollars
i nearly died. lol


some girls shopping on flinders

an old post COVERED in advertisments.

a sign for a deserted shop

a random street that looked cool

prince's bridge hotel


me with my hair curled
yes bella; curled


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