Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shopping Again

Hello Lovely Ladies
It's Whitney Here,
Shoutout to ALL our mexican supporters:)
Anway, today i went and saw Alice in Wonderland - post more later.
I also went shopping and bought the COOLEST hat ever:)
It's a gangsta' hat - and it is covered in graffiti on the front.
Only $10.00
I also bought a new ring. I've been wanting one for ages.
It's just a plain silver band. It just reminds me to stay who i am.Be Whitney.
It's simple, but pleasent. Thats what i want to be:)


my new hat:):):)

my fav. pair of shoes
my new bag:)
i wore a navy blue poncho with tights and a scarf:)
and my new bad:):)

1 comment:

  1. heeys whit,

    i love your gangster hat, pretty bag & shoes! (:

    Keep up with fashion! :D