Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blake Lively Fashion

Hey Everyone It's Whitney,

I just realised that I never told you who my major idol is. For fashion of course. Well it's Blake Lively..a.k.a Serena from the hit t.v series Gossip Girl. And no i'm not just saying she's my fashion icon because i'm obsessed with Gossip Girl, or because I think she's beautiful, it's because of her sense of style. The individual pieces that she chooses not just for premiers but in photoshoots are AMAZING. And the fact that she looks beautiful without even trying. I wish that was me. And because she gets to kiss the hottest guy on earth Penn Badgley...Anyway back to the fashion. She did a shoot for Marie Claire and realised that she is my fashion idol. She looks AMAZING and i thought i might share some of her photo's with you

Love to all fashionista's


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