Saturday, January 30, 2010

Leighton Meester

Hello to all fashion fanatics out their,

it's whitney here

Well Gossip Girl has been taking over my life latley. And I just HAD to post something about Leighton Meester. Even with all the rumours and Scandals and gossip going around her, i chose to take a look at the positive side. Her fashion style. She's sassy, gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, and basically EVERY single word that sums up AMAZING. So thats why i chose to post something about her. Because she's amazing. And because she gets to kiss Ed Westwick (aka Chuck). Take a look at an insider of Leighton Meester's fashion life:)

Love to all,

This post is dedicated to 2 AMAZING friends. Named Priscilla&Tayla. :) I love you

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  1. I personally haven't watched a single episode of Gossip Girl so I don't know the characters and that but I know that this one (Leighton) is very stylish.
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