Sunday, April 25, 2010

some fotos :P

whitnnayyyy here :D
today i found these random pictures. I thought they were awesome. I'm going out now & probz won't post for the rest of the night. Sorry. But ; just thought i'd let u know that me & bella's favourite singer in the whole entire world justin bieberwill be on tv tomorrow. He arrived Yesterday & is performing on Sunrise tomorrow. That means me & bella will have to wake up at 6am :D haha all worth it for the hottest boy in town (according to us) he has nothing to do with fashion; & i don't know why i'm telling u this. probz cause i couldn't find anything 2 post. lol. Have a good Sunday night. love you all xoxo

here's the boy we love; for your own knowledge :D

me & bella made this :D

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