Sunday, April 25, 2010

The amazing Cecilia Cassini

Bella here,

Was checking out some videos on the Sunrise website (morning news show:P) and I found an interview with 10 yr old FASHION DESIGNER Cecilia Cassini! Amazing! Me and Whit thought WE were young to be pursuing our fashion dream but here's a girl 4 years younger and she's actually living hers! The clothes she designs are for a younger age group but they are just gorgeous and I would buy some if they had my size! I couldn't get the photos of her dresses off  her site so I really do recommend you check out her website even if you are over 10 years old:P You won't be disappointed!



  1. i was reanding about her last days! she's amazing i can't believe she's a designer !

  2. you girls are awesome. you'll get there! keep working!