Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bits && Pieces

Hey it's Bella,

First day back to school but I HAD to find time to blog:P:P Here are some random photos of the past week or so. Just getting them all off the camera:P  Live each day with no regrets - life's too short:) 


random photos of some lace I am using on my dress and also my sister's bed:)
me and my gorgeous cousins all in a row jumping on the trampolines in Lorne - one of my cousins is mid-flip in this shot haha:)
these shots were taken in the car on the way to the city:) me and my sister soph dressed up for a nice coffee on lygon street. my favourite:P:P

we started a nice fashion shoot...when the weather had a different idea:
so we took the shoot inside:)

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  1. Nice pictures!! I like all them! How was school?