Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hey it's Bella,

A bit lost for things to post about tonight. Thank God for weekends! Without them school would seem unbearable!! Had a nice peaceful day today:) I was home by myself for while today so I decided to watch one of my favourite movies, the Secret Garden. It's a gorgeous movie about stubborn little Mary Lennox who's parents are quite neglectful. They are killed in an earthquake and Mary is sent to live at her uncles manor house. Her uncle is very distant, still in mourning for his wife who dies ten years before. Mary uncovers many secrets at the manor including the garden belonging to her late aunt which she helps bring back to life with the help of one of the servants brothers. The garden in the movie is like something out of a fairytale and I love this story! The little girl, Mary also wears the cutest little outfits and hats - there I got a connection to fashion in after all:P


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  1. omg hey its emily!
    i remember that moviee omgg!
    i thought id never hear of it again coz i saw it wen i was likee 8 hhaha.
    i thought she was likee 16 wen i watched it but she looks llike ten or somethingg.