Monday, April 26, 2010


WHITNEY HERE, omg me & bella's all time fav singer (aka hottest boy ever) justin bieber performed on sunrise. i can officially say that i have bieber fever. me & bella were on the fone at 6AM! we spoke for 2 hours & 53 minutes. I cried (concert was cancelled) I Screamed (he was performing inside) & Cried .. again (when he came on)
It was so much fun & i'm so proud of him! We aussie girls went a bit crazy. So i decided to trash my shoes with the coolest Justin Bieber lyrics & songtitles out there! And they def. are trashed. But they look awesome. Love youh all. ME & BELLA HAVE BIEBER FEVER

(sorry there's heaps of photos!)


  1. That Justin fever!! My 14 yrs old niece and my 8 yrs old daughter suffer with the same!!! =)

  2. lmaooo ahaa!
    its jb, jb!
    bieberrr feverrr!
    looks good!