Thursday, April 1, 2010

Abby Lee Kershaw Vogue Korea

Hey it's Bella,

Whit and I went out with some friends today to the movies!!! We saw The Last Song and it was soooo good:P:P I'm a bit unsure about Miley's acting (sorry M.C. fans) but the film was still very emotional and me and Whit cried through the whole thing! Apart from the family message in the movie my favourite bits were the cute scenes between Miley and Liam Hemsworth's characters, Ronnie and Will and especially when he wrote 'forever' on her Converses *tear*:'( I would so do that if I could afford to write on my shoes (my mum who had to pay for them would use the word 'vandalise') and also it would look a bit sad writing 'forever' on my own converses LOL!

Well this post is titled Abby Lee Kershaw Vogue Korea so I suppose it should stop going on about what I did today:P This is an amazing photoshoot i LOOOOVEEEE Abby Lee Kershaw she's gorgeous and the photography is great in this:) Enjoyy:P:P


here are some photos from the last song my fav. bits:P:P im such a romantic *sigh* haha but who wouldn't want liam hemsworth as a boyfriend he's adorable<3

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