Thursday, April 1, 2010

What I Love Today:P

Bella here,

Being bored and finding nothing better to blog about, I decided that I'm going to start writing things that I love about each day:P Yes, it may sound cheesy but it's good to recognise the good things in life and it acts as a great 'to do list' for those blue days, if nothing else:)
  • Crying in movies  - so I'm sad for this one but it's funny to look back on:P
  • My Justin Bieber ringtone:P - that rang about 50 times today coz Whit got lost trying to find the cinema haha *shakes head* 
  • Medium cheeseburger meal with an extra cheeseburger - this is always my order at McDonald's and let me say I cop ALOT for eating two cheeseburgers!
  • TMZ - okay so saying you like a show about people chasing after other people harassing them with camera flashes and stupid questions then reporting about it is pretty shallow I know but seriously addictive - especially when my favourite little JB is on:P
  • Knee high socks  - in LOVE with the black sparkly ones I bought from dotti.
  • So You Think You Can Dance - I never used to watch this but now I can't stop - it may or may not have anything to do with a very nice looking guy named Nick<3
  • Hot Cross Buns - yes, I had them for dinner:P


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  1. haha i love SYTYCD too! best showw everr:)JESSE TO WIN! i hope... haha. what i loved about today was that i got hot cross buns for breaaky:)