Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bonjour France

Whitney here.
I am totally in love with France at the moment. I always have been but lately I've been getting really excited about France. I would LOVE to travel there one day (lucky Bella she's going in September). It is such a beautiful country and they are one of the best fashion capitals in the world. I mean what would we do without Coco Chanel? I learn the language at school (this is my 2nd year) and I'm doing really well at school. I might continue with it until Year 12. I've decided to continue it next year in Year 10. It will give me a wider understanding of the language and I'll get a better opportunity to investigate and learn in depth the language. I am thoroughly enjoying learning the language and i am going on a excursion on Tuesday to see a French movie with my class. We are then going to a few French cafes in the city. It is going to be so much fun! I will take some pictures:) I mean it's a massive culture shock. All the food, the people, the language. It all has a certain elegance about it. I am madly in love with the language and the country as you can see. I want to get a picture of te Eiffel Tower framed and put in my room.

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  1. the eiffel tower is beautiful....
    yet so is the food ...:)