Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What "fashion Means To Me

whitney here.
Well i've never told you what fashion actually means to moi. So i thought i would give you a long post about my vision and taste and thoughts on Fashion.
WELL... for me fashion is life. Its something that makes my heart beat in my chest. Its something i live for. Some people don't understand how passionate and serious i really am about fashion. Fashion is everywhere. And fashion is inspiration. Its the air i breathe. I love investing in pricey items and even cheap vintage finds. Fashion is what i want to be apart of.
Fashion is individual style. Its what you like. You DO NOT dress to impress anyone but yourself. If you dress for other people, what is that going to do? You have to be individual.
Fashion is everything. Art, style, clothes, photography everything. fashion means everything to me.
it's not about money, clothes or who has the best designer clothes. It's about expressing yourself by what you wear or a garment you design.
Fashion Is You.
- whitney

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