Saturday, August 14, 2010

Clothes from Chantalle Rose

whitney here.
as promised in my really long post before here is some photo's of the clothes we have made. Bella and i made the green t-shirt (which we ripped and made it look edgy) and i also made the t-shirt with bows. took me a while. and good news? they all look fabulous with high-waisted shorts. :) CHEE YEAHH BABY:) We hope to start our first collection for Chantalle Rose Designs and we want to do a proper photo-shoot. We also want to sell our clothes via this blog for cheap affordable prices. Because we want ALL our buyers to be able to afford our clothes. I hate when i really want somethind and it's too expensive so i never end up getting it. So designing process is on the way. After we get the 21st dress out of the way we'll  start making a collection! I hope you like the pics.
- Whitney


  1. You are so creative the top with the bow is mega cute you are so right looks awesome with the high waisted shorts xoxo

  2. the bow top is soooo cute. loving the mint green colour too xxx