Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diana Mini

Whitney here,
And boy do i have news for you! I just discovered this amazingly gorgeous camera called the Diana Mini. It's the little sister version of the giant Diana camera. It uses film and is probably one of my favourites EVER! I have planned to invest in many other cameras. At the moment i am needing a good solid digital camera(since my sister lost my old one..grrr) so i am getting the Sony Cybershot. Perfect for everyday photography use and it takes really amazing quality photos. But the Fujifilm instax is my NEXT CAMERA:) You can buy the film from ebay and the Lomography website. And after that camera I am buying the Lomography camera. Then the Diana Mini. It's gonna cost me a lot! But it'll be so sweet when i actually get them. I'm buying the Fujifilm Instax off ebay (it's a new polaroid that you can actually buy film for) and it makes me jiggle! So excited! It is going to be so fun to experiment with different types of camera's and use them all the time. Well here is a picture of the White Diana Mini. In google if you type in Diana Mini click on the first website. You can purchase and look at lots of different vintage (but new style) camera's. You can even check out what the photo's look like! Enjoy and i hope you check out the website it is really cool!

White Diana Mini


  1. hey its kate!
    that camera looks mad as!
    i looked on the website, the photos turn out so awesome !!
    i want one! where can you buy it?
    love you

  2. the cameraa will only be the coolest on in the school... town.... melbourne... australiaaa!