Monday, August 16, 2010

Cameras Money Spending Ew.

whitney here.
alright well I am comforted knowing that I have a blog and readers to vent to when I am in a fashion/photography dilemma. Well my digital camera isn't good (it is good enough for now) but I want to get a good solid one before I start saving for an SLR (that's gonna take me a while, and I want the Canon Eos). It just so happens that I have a growing list of little pleasures that I want to spend on. Such as books, sewing machine (a new one), SLR, some room renovations etc. This list seems to keep growing everyday when new things go on the market that my heart desires. I quite like the list, and don't want to rid anything off it. Life ain't so pretty at the moment and I can't keep spending, because then I have to wake up at 5:00am on a Saturday to go to work with my Dad. And in the end i only get paid $30. I mean I'm not complaining, but sometimes I'm too lazy to get up and the money that I want never fills my pocket. So now I have this growing list, and a digital camera (Sony Cybershot) that I can't afford to keep pushing back to the end of the list. Because before you have an SLR, Diana Mini, Polaroid etc you need to start with the basics. The good old trusty digital that'll take the photos that I want until I want to invest in a solid professional one. So now I have this dilemma! Please HELP ME! Do you guys know any saving tips?? Probably not because you're fashionista's. :) Anyway I have my French excursion tomorrow. It's gonna be one hell of a French filled day. A French movie, french food, and then back for French last period. Let you guys know how it goes :)

- Whitney


  1. hey whit,
    saving tips hmmmm...
    well you could save all of your money up but each week put 5 dollars somewhere seperate. then a month later youll have lots of money saved for the camera and like 20 bucks for the other things in the list. dont be tempted to buy it on clothes coz you might not like them a few weeks later. uhmm yeaah. lol
    emily xoxo

  2. OMGosh. I SOOOOOO want an SLR, I started saving already a few weeks ago, but its been slow lately, so I only have about 50 bucks. I spend most of my money on books though. I almost never buy new clothes except jeans and tees.I really like to just take a break from buying things for a period of time, save the money I make then, and if you find an article of clothing you LOVE then try to recreate it if possible. I also go to a craft fair once every month and make money then. It really helps.On bad days I make only about 60 bucks. Have you ever heard of Threadbanger? Really helpful at times, and really awesome, just copy and paste the URL in the search bar: