Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Importance of Writing to Ourselves

Whitney here.
I've been re-reading my old diary entries lately. And i laugh at myself, or i cry. I have now realised the importance of writing a diary. It's a private space where you can spill your guts, write your feelings, emotions, whatever is happening in your life. The struggles you go through. Problems with your friends. Or just happy memories. It's something that you can reminisce on later, and re-live the emotions and memories you felt. You may not want to re-live some. But sometimes it's better to remember than to forget altogether. Life's not always easy and sometimes we have to plod along. Live our lives as normal. Sometimes things don't go to plan. Sometimes your heart may be broken. And sometimes some of your happiest moments will be from that diary. I keep two diaries. Because sometimes i can't choose which one to write in. So i have to do eenie meenie miney mo. I encourage you to keep a diary, and spill your heart to pages of notebooks and paper.

- Whitney

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  1. Hi! The good thing about wrtting a diary is exactly that, I mean, you can laugh or cry, at the same time wrting is a good way of take out all our feelings could be happy or not.