Thursday, August 12, 2010

La Vie en Rose - The Life Of Pink

whitney here.
This has gone into my top #5 favourite movies. The most touching movie i could ever watch. Teaches about how someone so poor can have such a big amazing talent. Shows hpw life can change for someone in one minute. And it also showed me the effects that drugs can do to you. Edith Piaf (based on a true story), abandones by her mother and left with her father to beg on the streets, discovers that she has a talent like no other. She sings like no other. Soon she gets the name "Petite Piaf" which means Little Sparrow in French. One of the best movies i've ever seen starring Marianne Cotillard. This movie really changes your view on everything. And to think that the real Edith Piaf died at 47 because she was addicted to drugs. How life could end so early when you have fame and fortune and talent like she did. Truley inspirational. And since i learn French i could actually understand 1/4 of what they were saying. They have English subtitles by the way. You should watch it, it is SO amazing!

- whitney

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  1. I love this picture also, in fact I bought the cd after watching the film,there are many things about it I like it, first, it is based on a true story, second, it is film in a 40's atmosphere (I love vintage style) , 3rd it's in French and I love that language ( I speak little french slso).
    Ah! By the way, I haven't seen the new "look" of your blog, it's cool!