Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frankie Magazine.

whitney is here.
this seems to be my new favourite font. But anyway. Frankie Magazine has taken to me liking lately. The cute covers, soft finish to the pages and awesome vintage fashion,pictures and acessories make me go bezerk. I have decided that i might get a subscription. After i buy the a vogue one. because not only is this magazine totally awesome they have cute pictures and awesome articles that i love to read. But i have never ever bought a copy, just flicked through in the stores to look at the cute pictures. But then one day i sat down and actually liked what i was reading. So maybe it's a sign from the fashion god that i must buy a subscription. For Australians it will cost you $50 for a subscription. But they only release a magazine every two months. So yeah. Take a look at these cool covers. Do you fashion lovers like Frankie or read Frankie??

Let me know here > or in a comment!

- whitney 

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  1. we had to read frankie for english!
    it is madd as:)