Saturday, August 14, 2010

a t-shirt, my room, and paper cranes.

whitney here.
Well i lost my digital camera (it's pretty crappy but the only thing i can use at the moment for photography, it happens to take awesome photo's when i don't want it to, and never when i want it to!) anyway well i found it and here's a few things i forgot to post about. Well first the t-shirt is homemade. i was bored so i decided to sew some bows onto a boring white t-shirt. I'm in love with it now. you can't really see it, I'll post good photo's later. anyway, then i just redecorated my room. I'm planning on investing  in some cute cushions and accessories for my room. but for now i covered one of my walls with photo shoot pictures and fashion articles. mainly the pictures. and I'm pretty proud of that too! and the paper cranes. i got bored one day and decided to hang paper cranes from my ceiling. now i don't regret. every night when i go to bed they cast shadows against my wall and it looks amazing. I'm pretty proud of that too! haha. anyway just thought I'd let you know. I'm also planning on sewing a few garments soon. hopefully to put on sale for Chantalle Rose Designs. We're slowly planning how to start the business because lately we've been busy with school. But we HAVE to fit in sewing so we can get a collection started for you guys to see. We want our clothes to be affordable so the items will be cheap. I'm looking forward to designing and making a collection with Bella for you guys!

- whitney

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  1. the shirt is SEXAAYY!
    and youur room looks amazing<3
    the oragami is soo cute:)